How to choose an SEO agency


It is not a surprise that the websites at the top of Google make a lot of money. The majority of people click on them. That is a fact. The difficulty is not usually in the decision of ranking your website top, it’s more to do with how to get top.

In the past, on episode 76 with Daryl Rosser we covered how to rank a website top in Google using the latest strategies that are working in 2014. Unfortunately many of you have said that it is too much to learn, you don’t have the time, or you simple are not interested in learning how to do it yourself and would like to have someone do it for you.

Well, I reached out to Daryl again and asked him to comment. If you missed that podcast or forgotten, Daryl is the founder of Rosser Media an SEO agency that helps businesses in the UK get better search engine rankings and get more leads from their website. Unfortunately they only work with a very small selection of clients that pass their qualifications, but I did manage to pick his brain and ask him what he thinks is an important indicator for hiring an SEO expert or agency.

Make sure they know what they are doing

This does mean you may want to do a bit of research and learning into SEO before hiring someone, but you don’t need to. Daryl said that he has never seen another agency actually explain what they do for their clients, except for vague descriptions such as “SEO” or “building links”. A quality agency or expert will explain their full process of acquiring links to you, rather than leave these vague explanations.

You will want to avoid any blackhat or automated techniques. If someone uses a software or automated tool, their techniques will probably get your website penalised and should be avoided.

Pay well

That doesn’t mean you should be over paying or paying above what you feel comfortable with. But ultimately, a good agency is going to bring you a lot of results. Don’t focus on what you are happy to spend out of your current revenue, focus on what you will be happy spending out of the increased revenue once they bring you results. Many agencies charge only £200 per month or less, it’s unsustainable that they could show you great results with such a little budget.

Imagine how many hours of work someone could put into your business with that amount of money? Not that many. SEO does take a lot of time and money to pull of and you should be respecting of that and use an agency that prices you right.

Look at their rankings

An easy indicator of an SEO agency is their ranking abilities. Where does their website rank? For example, if you type in SEO in Cambridge, you’ll see Daryl’s agency top. What better way to show what they can do than beating the other agencies for their own keywords. Some agencies may even show you their clients rankings, though that isn’t always a great indicator. Many clients have confidentiality clauses and some keywords may be extremely easy compared to others.

Just try it

Avoided a Nike trademark with that twist! The end advice is to simply reach out to some agencies and go for it. The worst that can happen is you go with the wrong agency, it’s better than going with no agency and having no chance. If you speak to someone and you like them, go with your gut feeling and try them out. That is often the best indicator you’ve got.

So what do you think? Going to hire someone. Let us know if you have any extra questions for Daryl, he has kindly offered to respond to your comments.

Well, hello there!

It’s Zach here and I wanted to just do a quick post to introduce you all to the website and let you know what is coming up. As you probably already know, we’ve been running the podcast now for almost 6 months and been fortunate to have had thousands of people listen and subsribe to our podcast on iTunes. This whole time though, we haven’t had a website. This site used to just redirect to our iTunes podcast page, but we’ve decided to go back and setup a blog for you all to read.

This will include more information similar to our podcast, but allow us to put some writing down, show screenshots, and link to resources. Basically an expanded version of our podcast. We will now do a small write up with resource links for each of our podcasts.

But that’s not all. We’re also going to write blog posts with content that we couldn’t put in the podcast. Every so often we would want to show you something really cool, maybe just a walkthrough or using a tool, or let you see inside our ad campaigns and watch live what we are doing. Unfortunately though, we’ve never been able to do this, limited by the voice-only part of a podcast. This new blog will allow us to provide all of this to you.

We’re very excited to launch this and we hope you are excited to get reading all the content.

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